Let's make your event the most memorable one.



Colors and Music Productions Team

In every opportunity, we strive to deliver you the best services and the most memorable experience for your event.

Our company understands the multiple hurdles of finding the perfect DJ. There is always the fear of the unknown or the uncertainty with the quality of work. Over the years, our business has thrived from our loyal clients and their continued business through word of mouth. Our company has combined to offer both music and lighting design for your wedding. We believe that music is more vibrant when accompanied with an amazing themed lighting. With the combination of music and lighting, it proves to create a perfect ambiance to create the most memorable experience for you, your family and your guests. Along with years of experience in the industry, our passion pushes us to dedicate a wedding catered your specialized need.


DJ Darwin Laurencio

The DJ that made it all possible. With years of wedding and corporate events under his belt, he created a service that transcends his passion in music. Over the years, he continues to raise the bar for what it means to be the DJ and for the services he offer. He believes that music along with a combination of his choice in lighting, he can bring any venue to become an upscale event.


DJ Justin Dator

With his experience as a club DJ, DJ Justin is able to bring the fresh new hits into the dancefloor. He demonstrates his skill as a DJ by delivering new remixes. His talents and his passion shines when is next to the turntables.


Daimler Sena

Master of Ceremonies, Coordinator and Lighting Specialist

He ensures a seamless transition between sections of the program and keeps the event moving at a steady pace within time constraints. With his fluid executions and wonderful persona, he can create an atmosphere that will play a crucial role to your event’s success.


DJ Dennis Mallari

Our Throwback DJ. He specializes in TOP 40's, 90's and mainly throwback.